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一个国家安全委员会通常是一个行政部门的 政府机构,负责协调国家安全问题上的政策,并就有关事项的行政首长负责国家安全。一个国科会经常为首的国家安全顾问,并与从军事,外交,情报,执法和其他政府机构的高级官员组成。从这些不同的联合国安理会,这是一个外交论坛的国科会的职能和责任是在国家战略层面。

A National Security Council is usually a government agency of the executive branch, responsible for coordinating policies on national security issues, and the executive head on related matters is responsible for national security. A National Science Council often heads the National Security Advisor and is composed of senior officials from the military, diplomacy, intelligence, law enforcement and other government agencies. From these different UN Security Councils, the functions and responsibilities of the National Science Council, which is a diplomatic forum, are at the national strategic level.


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